Friday, June 17, 2011

Ok, me too, I am now blogging ...

Again. Yes, I had some blogs in the past, mainly to keep family and friends updated with certain important events in my life. But then ... well. Then for numerous reasons I had no time and was not in the mood to write at all.

Now it's changing. I have more and more contact with remote people. This is not just friends and family (having my parents and brothers live in three different countries helps), but also colleagues and other people. Facebook is cool for keeping in touch with many of them. Twitter too. But none of them allow to really express what you think or feel about something you want to share. So yes. Me too, I am blogging (again). If nobody ever reads this? Who cares :-)

Language? ... hmmm now that is an issue. I have friends and family who can only read Spanish. Also many who read English but can't read Spanish, and some who would perhaps welcome French. I choose English for writing most of the time. It is what I feel more comfortable with now a days. That said, I suppose that if I decide to write about whatever is happening in Spain, or about the endless disputes between Real Madrid and Barcelona, I will probably do it in Spanish. We will see. In any case, I don't care if anybody really reads it right?

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